What tips can be followed when staying married to your spouse?

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Everything thing you need to know to about staying married to your spouse I learned in kindergarten. I will outline three easy tips that will work in any relationship.

Think way back to the first few days of kindergarten. You feel a poke on your back and turn to see a five year old classmate smiling shyly over at you. You reach your hand back and take a folded up note from his or her outstretched hand and open it. One simple question is neatly printed on a ripped piece of notebook paper and one simple direction, Do you like me? Check yes or no. This is followed by two small check boxes. This simple gesture is actually the basis for the way that each and every person should communicate in his or her relationships.

Do you like me? This is the most basic question on everyone's mind when you met a new person. This first step of actual communication is also the key to keeping your marriage together. Oral communication works best but in today's age of texting and other constant written communication is all right as long as you are actively listening to one another. It is also the absolute base that the rest of the tips build on. You must keep an open line of communication with your spouse in all matters of the home whether it be business, personal, or other to keep your relationship strong.

Check yes or no. This portion is all about honesty. When we are young, slightly naive' and open-minded, honesty is a very natural thing. Check yes to tell the person that you enjoy spending time with him or her. In this case as simple as a walk to the attendance office or holding the classroom door open. You can also pick no. No, sitting next to you on the swing is not my idea of fun. Or no, I still think boys are icky! Honesty is that second rung of the monkey bar towards your goal of staying together with your partner. Lying should never be condoned as it breaks trust.

Respect. Where does respect come into this picture? You must respect the other person enough to answer his or her note. When you pick up your pencil to put a check in one of the boxes you do not stop to think about telling a lie. You answer quickly and do not worry at the time of hurting that person's feelings. You are still new enough to the world of relationships that you will keep that line of communication open with an honest and respectful answer.

In conclusion the most important base for any relationship or marriage is communication. This of course is closely followed by honesty, which is the ability to tell him or her the absolute truth. Respect is the last to follow by acknowledging the fact that you were asking a question and that person excepts an answer. Everything you need to know about staying married to your spouse you learned in kindergarten as well. For the record, I checked yes!

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