How to experience happy sex life?

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Improving Your Sex Life

If you are one of the first persons to experience shyness in trying out experimental positions with your partner then you are not alone. There are several people who feel like you sometimes feel and they want a little bit of prodding, a little bit of guidance to do something that will give their partner immense pleasure. Though most people do not care to admit it, they are on the constant lookout for something spicy in their sex life. So if you are looking out for some interesting bedroom sessions then follow these tips and have a happy sex life:Are you really in love?

There is a difference between being in love with someone and just loving someone. You can never give in yourself to someone you merely love. Unless you are really in love with your partner, you will not be able to participate wholeheartedly. If you are just physically thirsty then you might have some hurried sessions with your partner and that’s the end of it. Neither you nor your partner will feel the heat or the passion when the other comes near after a few days of sex. But if you are really in love with your partner you will immediately feel the stirrings inside you whenever you see him/her.

Getting ready for a bath togetherThis is a tip you have been reading everywhere, but it is something that works wonders every day. Apart from taking a bath together you can also make the bath sessions interesting by preparing the tub with sweet smelling scents and massaging your partner’s body with aromatic shower gels, especially those that exudes sex. You can arrange the inside of the bathroom and your bedroom with colorful candles and play some music, soft or jazzy. Some people like jazzy music to increase the rhythm of their evening. If you want everything to go really slow while you savor each and every moment of your partner’s caressing, then go for slow music. When the passion heats up, you can change it to some faster music; of course if you get the time for that.

Time for foreplay

Take time to massage your partner. A massage that will slowly tingle the senses is a great motivation. You can stroke and squeeze in a way that will thrill your partner. Be very observant while you experiment because you might stumble upon the most erotic point in your partner and voila! You can go also for sensual massage sessions with your partner and learn some new things about him/her. If you are trying them at home, you can use some massage oil and start stroking him/her and continue till you reach the major pleasure senses. The stroke technique is very important in foreplay and will deepen the orgasm and make it last.

These are just a few simple tips to have happy sex life, but you can always reach new levels of ecstasy by experimenting with your partner. Make sure your partner is in the mood for experimenting when you are.

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